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What Happens When You Eat

Activity #1: How Long is the Digestive System Have students cut a piece of yarn according to the following measurements. Allow students to use different color yarn to represent different organs. After the yarn has been cut tie the pieces together. Esophagus 25 cm Stomach 20 cm Small Intestine 700 cm Large Intestine 150 cm TOTAL 895 cm Have students work out the percentages or ratios of the lengths of the different organs in the body in order to have a numerical idea of the differences along with the visual data provided by the string. Find out information (from books provided) about how much time food spends in each of these parts of the digestive system as well as which types of foods are broken down in each part. Activity #2: Digestion Place a sugar cube in a cup of water. Place about a spoonful of granulated sugar in the other cup of water. Observe what happens. Have students record the time it takes for each type of sugar to dissolve and work out the ratios of these Activity #3: Carbohydrate Digestion Have the students chew two unsalted soda crackers for two minutes without swallowing. Students will be allowed to take check the solution every fifteen seconds and record the solvency of their saliva by counting the number of lumps present in a given amount at these 15-second intervals. Children will be instructed to plot the progression on a graph. Have them write a paragraph explaining the slope of the graph Activity #4: Hands on Digestion Place the hamburger, 3 eyedroppers full of 1M HCl, one tablespoon of Digestive Juice A and two tablespoons of Digestive Juice B into a plastic bag. Knead the bad with your hands (simulates the stomach) for about 10-15 minutes, it will have been reduced to mainly liquid and have a definite odor. have students write a summary of the activity, explaining the action of the hcl on the hamburger and noting any difference between the digested meat and the digested bread Activity #5: How do Villi aid the Small Intestine in Absorption? Compare how 1, 2, 3, and 4 folded paper towels absorb. Dip each paper towel into a cup of water (use the same amount of water in each cup). Record the volume of water left in the cup (using a graduated cylinder). Explain the comparison between the paper towels and the villi. How are these similar and how do they differ? What is the significance, if any, of the similarities and differences? Consider especially the mixture of water and stool and (thinking back to activity 1) describe what might happen if the food passed too fast or too slow through the large intestine. Activity #6: A Digestive System Simulation Procedure: Things to make ahead of time: 1. FOOD TUBE: Lay out two parallel lines of tape on the floor, 3'apart and long enough for half the class to stand shoulder to shoulder on one side of the parallel lines. 2. FOOD PARTICLE: The food particle consists of M&M's placed in small zip-lock bags. These are placed in wadded newspapers in small paper sacks. Place the small sacks in larger sacks with added newspaper. Place all sacks and add newspaper until the large plastic bag is full. This bag is then taped or tied closed to complete the food particle. Action: 1. Peristaltic Movement: Put the food particle to be eaten at one end of the food tube and a large trash can at the other. Have students line up on both sides, facing each other, squeeze the food particle the length of the food tube. 2. Digestion: Label and/or instruct the players. As the food comes to a student they should narrate what they are doing and why. Teeth – tear food apart (break plastic bag) Saliva – use spray bottles to moisten food particle Stomach – tear small bags apart Pancreatic juices – spray food Small Intestine – absorbs food, find bags of candy and pass to blood (the teacher can play the role of the blood) Large Intestine – reabsorbs water, sponge up water on the floor Rectum/Anus – puts the waste papers in the trash can Draw a diagram of the digestive system, labeling its parts and correlating them to the props used in the experiment.

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Everyday French Phrases

There are some French phrases that you will hear literally every day or even multiple times a day and even use yourself. If you are studying French, or plan to visit France, its important that you learn and practice five often-used French phrases. Ah Bon Ah Bon  literally means oh good, though  it  commonly translates into English as: Oh yes?Really?Is that so?I see. Ah bon  is used primarily as a soft interjection, even when its a question  where a  speaker is indicating interest and maybe a little surprise. The examples list the French sentence on the left with the English translation on the right.     Speaker 1:  Jai vu un film intà ©ressant hier.  I saw an interesting movie yesterday.  Ã‚  Speaker 2: Ah  bon?  Ã‚  Oh, yes? Or in this example: Speaker 1: Je pars aux États-Unis la semaine prochaine.   Im going to the United States next week.  Speaker 2: Ah bon? Really? Ça va Ça  va  literally means it goes. Used in casual conversation,  it can be both a question and a reply, but its an informal expression. You probably wouldnt want to ask your boss or a stranger this question unless the setting was casual. One of the most common uses of  Ãƒ §a  va  is  as a greeting  or to ask how someone is doing, as in: Salut, Guy, à §a va?   Hi, Guy, hows it going?Comment à §a va?   Hows it going? The expression  can also be an exclamation: Oh! Ça va!   Hey, thats enough! Cest-à  -dire Use cest-à  -dire when you want to say I mean or that is. Its a way to clarify what youre trying to explain, as in: Il faut à ©crire ton nom là  , cest-à  -dire, ici.   You need to write your name there, I mean, here.Il faut que tu commences à   y mettre du tien ici.   You need to start pulling your weight around here. Il Faut In French, its often necessary to say its necessary. For that purpose, use il faut, which is the conjugated form of  falloir,  an  irregular French verb.  Falloir  means to be necessary or to need. It is  impersonal, meaning that it has only one grammatical person: the third person singular. It may be followed by the subjunctive, an infinitive, or a noun. You can use  il faut  as follows:   Ã‚  Il faut partir.  Ã‚  Its necessary to leave.  Ã‚  Ã‚  Il faut que nous partions.   We have to leave.  Ã‚  Ã‚  Il faut de largent pour faire à §a.   You need money to do that. Note that this last example literally translates to, Its necessary to have money. But, the sentence translates into normal English as You need money to do that, or You have to have money for that. Il Y A Whenever youd say there is or there are in English, you would use  il y a in French.  It is most commonly followed by an  indefinite article   noun, a  number   noun, or an  indefinite pronoun, as in: Il y a des enfants là  -bas.   There are some kids over there.Jai vu le film il y a trois semaines.   I saw the movie three weeks ago.Il y a 2 ans que nous sommes partis.   We left two years ago.

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Introduction to the Womans Bible and Oppression - 564 Words

â€Å"Introduction to The Woman’s Bible†, discusses how women are religiously oppressed; the bible teaching of women bringing sin and death to the world, how marriage is bondage for women, and the role of being dependent of men bounty. According to Stanton, religion has been so perverted and dominate over women life, that the very thing is preventing the continuation of women’s independence. For example, in the nineteenth century, women protested against the civil and political degradation, which they referred to the bible for answers. But as they protest against their unequal position in church, the bible was the answer. Which led to the critical study of the Scriptures; causing the separation of women, the believer, non-believers, and the undecided. Women, who fetish the books, intensely believe themselves to be the veritable of the word of God; such as the interpretations of symbols, allegories, objects, and the liberal translations. Others saw the bible as re semblance of the Mosaic code, the Canon Law, and the old English law. Others baffled with their doubts and fears came to no conclusion: clergymen told individuals that they own everything, such as freedom and blessing to the bible. While on the other hand, the demands of political and civil rights are irreligious to home, the state and church. This is the reason, why majority of women stood still and with bowed, because appeals and members of church took no part in the women suffrage and anti-slavery movement.Show MoreRelatedAnalysis Of Frantz Fanon s Lived Experience Of A Black Man 1600 Words   |  7 PagesThe oppression of certain groups of people is nothing new. These oppressed groups tend to be looked at as different because of their physical features and/or cultural background. Many efforts to improve the lives of the oppressed have been achieved, but there is still a long way to go. These oppressed groups consist of women and different ethnic groups which have had to deal with being pushed around by the white man throughout history. Frantz Fanon deals with his experience as a black man in theRead More Abortion is a Necessary Alternative Essay2062 Words   |  9 PagesAbortion can save a womans life, physically, mentally, and emotionally. In todays society, the following reasons clearly impact the abortion dilemma. First, the definition of life the anti-abortionists provide us with is self-contradictory. Second, abortions are safer than ever in the past. Third, abortions help society avoid the challenges caused by unwanted children. Fourth, abortions benefit the mothers emotional life. Finally, abortion has its consent from the Bible. Therefore, abortionRead MoreCanterbury Tales Analysis1934 Words   |  8 Pagesthings of its followers that not even its devout monastic servants and members managed to abide by. The Parson serves as great contrast next to the rest of the characters that negatively portray the church. In the General Prologue, the Parsons introduction is flowing with positive descriptions and praise. Instead of extorting fees like Pardoner, he would provide to parishioners: But rather would he give, there is no doubt, / Unto his poor parishioners about, / Some of his income, even of his propertyRead MoreMUSLIM VS. RASTAFARIANS Islam interprets the relationship between a man2318 Words   |  10 Pages(Although) women are respected,...(and sometimes) even feared, (because of) their powers of fertility,...(their existence is still gazed upon as a fragile one).† Although both religions entrust the women with existence, thereby acknowledging that a woman’s womb is the giver of life, the women in these religions do not hold the same status as their male counterparts. The men (almost always) have extra marital affairs, and have many children, under the one condition tha t he keeps his wife happy â€Å"...(withRead MoreBlack Feminism : A Profound Effect On Society s History3616 Words   |  15 PagesIntroduction Black Feminism has proven to have a profound effect on society’s history, and is now beginning to impact even more this day and age. Black feminism is broader than what comes to mind. It is an essential component of black struggle against oppression and authority. Generally Black feminism is used to empower and liberate black women. Throughout the years many liberals have tried to exclude and silence black feminist. Black feminist have demanded for social, economic and political equalityRead MoreWomen after the American Revolution1948 Words   |  8 Pagesfor men to be virtuous if their wives were not. Their wives were to be as rational as nineteenth century men believed women could be, and they were to use their sexuality to tempt their husbands into desiring the greater good. While the Bible considered a woman’s most treacherous trait to be her power to seduce, the magazines urged the Republican wife to use her seductive influence to preserve her husband in a virtuo us state. The Republic encouraged women and girls to search for a husband themselvesRead MoreWomen as Commodity8915 Words   |  36 PagesClaudio and Hero; the volatile relationship of Beatrice and Benedik but it also goes much deeper in exploring the tensions between the sexes in a society where female chastity is equated with virtue, and that virtues serve as the measurement of a womans worth. In women in the story interprets Shakespeares viewpoint about women state before. That women were treated as commodities on the early modern marriage exchange has, of course, been well established. Numerous social historians of the earlyRead MoreWomen as Commodity8899 Words   |  36 PagesClaudio and Hero; the volatile relationship of Beatrice and Benedik but it also goes much deeper in exploring the tensions between the sexes in a society where female chastity is equated with virtue, and that virtues serve as the measurement of a womans worth. In women in the story interprets Shakespeares viewpoint about women state before. That women were treated as commodities on the early modern marriage exchange has, of course, been well established. Numerous social historians of the earlyRead More British Literature: Past and Present Essay2378 Words   |  10 Pagesblacks and whites, men and women and rich and poor, and the concern about maintaining one’s cultural identity. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;The evolution of governments was a constant theme throughout the course, beginning with the lesson on the Introduction to Romanticism, where Edmund Burke, Thomas Paine, Mary Wollstonecraft and William Godwin debated the equity between rich and poor that was tearing France apart. The theme continued through the lesson about the Impact of Industry. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;BurkeRead MoreDate Rape in the Philippines11669 Words   |  47 PagesChapter I Introduction â€Å"He said he loved me†, â€Å"I woke up without any clothes on, I couldn’t remember†, â€Å"I thought we were friends†. These are just some of the phrases that a lot of rape victims have reiterated. Women that have long been taken advantage of for men’s sexual pleasure, it is the same in every country, not just in the Philippines. Women have been fighting all throughout their history to gain equality, to rise from oppression, to release themselves from male domination, that fight is

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Things Fall Apart By Chinua Achebe - 1084 Words

As of 2014, there is an estimated 4,200 different religions globally, yet each has it’s own unique traditions. By utilizing tradition a culture further establishes it’s own identity. Therefore, Gods and rituals may be deemed as the passages that can separate one group of people from another. Through storytelling, personal involvement, and literary works, many traditions were passed down from generation to generation. A sense of tradition often determines the success of a civilization and without it their societies often fall. Chinua Achebe’s novel is imbedded with examples of tradition and rituals. In the novel Things Fall Apart, religion controls the mind and their ideals, as people desperately rush to seize control through beliefs. In†¦show more content†¦Much of their work was required in the agricultural field, so women often grew small crops. Crops such as coco-yams and beans were produced because they were considered â€Å"woman crops†. A no table example is according to the National Industrial Studies, â€Å" women became more susceptible to hard labor during the industrial revolution. The created new age of evolution sparked the flame for a global success change.†. While having multiple wives and rankings displayed a clansmen status in society, it further illustrates the importance of the patriarchal society the Igbo people live in. However, women adapted to their circumstances and still found a way to provide for their families just like the men. Through the polygamous marriage, social status determined the success of a man and deemed them superior to the women. Another common belief in Umuofia is polytheism, which is the worship or belief in many gods. Included in their practice of polytheism is their inner chi, or personal god. The author Achebe states, A man could not rise beyond the destiny of his chi. The author goes on to say, Unoka was an ill-fated man. He had a bad chi, or personal god, and evil fortune followed him to the grave... (18). For instance, Achebe demonstrates that this is a god of great importance that foretells one s future. In Umuofian culture, it is customary to make sacrifices to the gods, like Unoka in Achebe s novel. Many ofShow MoreRelatedThings Fall Apart By Chinua Achebe1415 Words   |  6 Pagesbook Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe does just that. This book should be taught in schools because it shows the values and traditions of Achebe’s Igbo culture, persistently teaches life lessons throughout the book, and shows the darker reality of European colonialism in Africa. Chinua Achebe is known as one of the most influential and famous authors to ever write. Chinua Achebe originates from an Igbo background and he expresses that through his writings very well including Things Fall ApartRead MoreThings Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe1324 Words   |  6 Pages Chinua Achebe chose to write his novels in English to reveal a deep response of his people to colonisation and to make that response understood to people all over the world. Things Fall Apart was written in English to teach people worldwide of the struggles he faced and the people of Nigeria faced growing up. Many authors and critics have written about Achebe’s ‘Things fall apart’ adding their valued opinion on what he was trying to say and his decision to write in English. In the followingRead MoreThings Fall Apart By Chinua Achebe Essay1203 Words   |  5 Pages who took their land for monetary gain. This was a dark period of time for Africans that live there. The U.S. Civil War and The Great Depression both can be related, in this instance, to how down their people were because of what happened. Chinua Achebe said it best, â€Å"I would be quite satisfied if my novels...did no more than teach my readers of their past...was not a long night of savagery from which the first European acting on God’s behalf delivered them†(qtd. in â€Å"Morning Yet† 45). In theRead MoreThings Fall Apart By Chinua Achebe1452 Words   |  6 Pagesassume control over the Roman Empire. However, imperialism in Africa remained a recorded element from 1750 to 1945. This paper visits how control and changes were influences over the Africans during this time period as seen through Chinua Achebe’s novel Things Fall Apart. (UKEssays, 2015) Europe was experiencing a few financial and political changes that forced the major European forces to investigate abroad regions to add to their resources during the seventeenth century. In order for the EuropeanRead MoreThings Fall Apart By Chinua Achebe2361 Words   |  10 PagesThings Fall Apart Book Critique Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe is a historical fiction novel describing the life of Okonkwo in a Nigerian village succumbing to European ways, in order to portray Achebe’s view on imperialism. It was chosen for us to read by our teacher because it describes imperialism and its effects in an Ibo village of Nigeria. It also shows the treatment of natives by the Europeans and how the natives reacted. Things Fall Apart is useful to our course of studies because itRead MoreThings Fall Apart By Chinua Achebe1265 Words   |  6 PagesThings Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe is markedly relevant to our current course of studies in World History, as it tells a story based on European Imperialism in Africa. Coming off the heels of our Imperialism unit, this post-colonial novel provides very helpful context on different civilizations’ perspectives throughout the Age of Imperialism; aside from analyzing death tolls, descriptions of conflicts, and names of countries, it was previousl y hard to envision what life was actually like during thatRead MoreThings Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe 735 Words   |  3 PagesThings fall apart. Achebe. Ernest Gaines once said, â€Å"I write to try to find out who I am. One of my main themes is manliness. I think Im trying to figure out what manliness really is.† Indeed, every society or culture has its own understanding of an ideal man. Even though these characteristics are different in various parts of the world, the significance of masculinity can never be overestimated. â€Å"Things Fall Apart† by Chinua Achebe is considered as one of the best examples of a riseRead MoreThings Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe692 Words   |  3 Pagesthe way to go. Through commercial trading Islam spread into Igboland, and this led to more Igbo people leaving the Igbo way of life for another, whether it be Islam or Christianity which divide the country in two. In the novel Things Fall Apart written by Chinua Achebe British colonialism and the migration of Muslims to Nigeria led to the change in the faith, social and economic changes in the Igbo society. Traditional Igbo faith believes that there is only one creator or god known as ChinekeRead MoreThings Fall Apart By Chinua Achebe897 Words   |  4 PagesIn the novel, â€Å"Things Fall Apart† by Chinua Achebe the Igbo tradition revolves around structured gender role. Everything essential of Igbo life is based on their gender, which throughout the novel it shows the role of women and the position they hold, from their role in the family household, also planting women crops, to bearing children. Although the women were claimed to be weaker and seemed to be treated as objects, in the Igbo culture the women still provided qualities that make them worthyRead MoreThings Fall Apart By Chinua Achebe Essay1851 Words   |  8 Pageschoice and styles are critical not only to the reader’s understanding of the text but to his appreciation as well. How language is effectively manipulated in their writings enhances the reader’s valuing of the works. The selected novel Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe is a representation of Igbo culture and their language. It explores the life of an Igbo tribe at the time of when colonization hit Africa. It could be considered as a post-colonial text, as the protagonist of the story and the other

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Decolonization of Feminine Sexuality †Free Samples to Students

Question: Discuss about the Decolonization of Feminine Sexuality. Answer: Introduction Angela Carter inThe bloody Chamberpoints to the connection between women, wealth and status in a dark irony. A young woman recalls how she gets into a marriage at seventeen only to realize that marriage is not a bed of roses. She leaves her home to live in a castle and she remembers how a wedding changed her life from being a child into being someone elses wife. At a tender age, she feels ready for companionship, trust, andlove. In contemporary world, it is difficult to separate femininity from the love of money, wealth and status(Comley). This is common of many young women who dream of having a wedding and living in a castle (Makinen). The author tries to convince herself and her mother of her capability to withstand marriage and adulthood. The joy of becoming somebodys wife is a popular experience desired by many women. The author was a celebrated novelist and media personality with a keen eye on feminism(The Famous People). The irony in the story highlights happiness and sorrow characterizedby some sense of loss of childhood innocence and material gains from the newfound relationship. She states that in the midst of my bridal triumph, I feltloss as if, when he put the gold band on my finger, I had, in some way, ceased to be her child in becoming his wife(Carter 7). She assured her mother that she was ready to move in with a man as his wife. Besides fears that the mother may have of losing her as she moves away, she was also aware that her daughter was marrying a man so recently bereaved(Carter 11). Most women look forward to the best but remain oblivious of marital challenges such as domestic violence, depression and sudden death of a spouse(Comley). The authors mother is aware that marriage has the good and the bad. She refers to her matrimonial home as the legendary which one day, I might bear an heir, our destination, my destiny(Carter 8). At the same time, she seems too nave and ignorant to inquire about her husbands lifestyle when he leaves her on a wedding night stating that he had serious business to attend to. In her little mind, she does not understand what pressing commitments(Carter 18)were. Questions arise as to why she surrenders her innocence to a man she barely knows, choosing a lifestyle that does not connect with her preference. The unexpected ending The authors tone suggests many ideas about death from the onset of the story with lilies appearing as a symbol of purity(Carter 7-10). Unexpected death in marriage comes with challenges and history shows that women suffer accusations of murder and suspicion forthe death of their spouses. Gordon Edmund in New York Times discusses Carters biography pointing out that carter is a feminist and sexist who had different marriages and valued sex(Gordon). While discussing her husband with her mother she mentions the death of some women. A Romanian countess dead just three short months before I met him(Carter 10) she says. She is also aware of the wedding gift given to the many wives and the strange necklace or ruby choker offered by a widow, which seems to carry a bad omen of short-lived marriages. The choker is an imagery of oppression faced by women. She inspects her husbands bedroom to notice many mirrors and nasty pictures yet she pays no keen attention to these unfounded fears. The story represents symbols from the past revealing aspects of the new life of a married woman. It brings out fairy tale stories of what fascinates women(Dunker). Keys, keys, keys. He would trust me with the keys to his officekeys to his safes(Carter 21) she says. She receives restrictions about the key leading tothe private den. The narrators thoughts onthe wedding night and her new home symbolizea connection withan ancestry. She points out that her new home has memories of the departed and she receives gifts from her new husbands past. She meets a housekeeper who recalls something from his fosters mothers and the gigantic matrimonial bed is hereditary. Further symbolism emerges as she refers to her wedding night as one which would be voluptuously deferred until we lay in his great ancestral bed in the sea-girt(Carter 8). Women and Materialism The author supports the idea that women have a materialistic tendency and find themselves craving for the status of a queen(Dunker). Carter receives a number of presents that make her feel like a queen. As she inspects her husbands collection of books with collections as old as the 1748 Adventures of Eulalie at the Harem of the Grand Turk(Carter 17). The man refers to this as one of his prayer books. Based on an ancient story of a fairytale marriage, the narrator suggests that the marriage to a mature older man is admirable because of the wealth that he had. When she calls her mother, she brags of the gold bath taps instead of mentioning the loneliness that she felt(Carter 24). At one point, she comes across photos of her husbands numerous wives and she listens to him bragging, SeeI have acquired a whole harem for myself(Carter 14). The young bridelook away in shyness and pride. In her case, it is even better when the marriage comes with countless and priceless gifts. The idea of mat erialism is clear as the story begins and progresses. This is common with women in their youth today(Comley). She receives fine clothes made from fine linen and she begins life in a home designed for a queen. Her food comprises of exquisite delights and the best wine. The castle has workers to handle all her chores. The Russian leather seats and purple velvet curtains represent royalty and luxury. She gets married at seventeen years of age when she is still a minor and it seems as though the relationship is mutual. She likes it as much as the man enjoys her naivety and she gives her body to her husband. Although this seems enjoyable, she associates his body with lilies that stain(Carter 14). This is a wealthy man with businesses, estates, and a busy life. A life that a modern woman would prefer. He receives a business call on their honeymoon and he has to leave pointing out that the deal is worth several millions(Carter 18). He leaves the new bride lonely with no activities to keep her occupied except to wait for her husbands return. It seems as though her purpose for marriage as a woman is to serve her husband in bed. She surrenders her virginity to the man despite his old age as most women still do today. However, it is unfortunate that though she inherits the castle, she keeps nothing to herself, donates it all to charity, and settles with the piano tuner. Conclusion The story reveals the hidden truths about most marriages representing a faade of happiness. As soon as the man gets what he wants, he shifts his focus. The revelation of the horrors of dead women with one body embalmed, another strangled, a skull and a pool of blood destroys every good memory that the author had of her new husband. She wishes that she could reverse the tide of time and gain her virginity back but it is too late. The limitation in this story is in the exclusion of contemporary issues faced by women in marriage such as domestic violence, rejection, exploitation, rape and unwanted pregnancies. The story might also consider the plight of men and betrayal in marriage as brought out in the unity between Jean Yves, the blind piano tuner and the author. Works Cited Carter, Angela. The Bloody Chamber. Victor Gollancz Ltd, 1979. Print. Comley, N, R. "Henry Adams Feminine Fictions: The Economics of Maternity." American Literary Realism 22.1 (1870-1910): 3-16. Web. Dunker, P. "Re-imagining the fairy tales: Angela Carter's Blood Chambers." Literature and History 10.1 (1984): 3. Gordon, Edmund. "The invenion of Angela Carter." New York Times (2017). web. 23 March 2018. Makinen, M. "Angela Carter's "The Bloody Chamber" and Decolonization of feminine sexuality." Feminist Fictions (1992): 2-15. Print. The Famous People. Angela Carter. 10 November 2017. Web. 26 March 2018.

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Justice and Injustice free essay sample

Carey 4th period Huston Catch 22’s Justice and Injustice2/18/13 Imagine a cell full of people, everyone in the society thinks they have aided in robbing a bank. It is cold and they barely get any food. They sleep on the floor and have nothing but the clothes on their back. The only thing is, they are all innocent. They were just there at the wrong time but, they cannot prove that. They have to stay in the prison until police officers have found the guilty party, and have proven the injustice. There is justice and injustice in every society, which is inevitable. There is no way to stop injustice from happening and there is no way to get people to start doing the right thing. In the novel, Catch 22, by Joesph Heller, the theme is justice and injustice. People must learn to have a sense of morality. There are many times where Heller writes about injustice, specifically when the nurse finds that the soldier in white is dead (10). We will write a custom essay sample on Justice and Injustice or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Yossarian and Dunbar blame the Texan because he was African American. The Texan refuses the blame by saying that â€Å"they don’t allow blacks in here†. Yossarian and Dunbar go further and say that the Texan knew that the Communist sergeant smuggled the soldier in white in (11). It seems almost impossible that the Texan could kill him, because he was with Yossarian and Dunbar the whole time. Yossarian and Dunbar seem to only care about themselves not being blamed, instead of finding out who actually killed the soldier in white or if it was of natural causes. They both decide to blame the Texan, even though they both knew that he could not have killed the soldier in white. Sometimes people do an act of injustice because they are simply embarrassed. For instance, when Clevinger is charged for random things, just because Clevinger is more intelligent than his superiors, which makes them uncomfortable. They call him into an inquisition where they make up charges to level against him. Although, they do charge him for random acts, in the end they cannot charge anything against Clevinger. The sergeants that uestioned Clevinger only thought about themselves, and how they felt inferior to him, instead of thinking highly of him. This instance shows injustice by the way the sergeants need to feel highly of themselves instead of someone being more intelligent than they are. Some people have to get justice from injustice. In particular, when Major Major gets a promotion because of a computer error (86). Wintergreen does not accept his promotion so he prevents him from ever getting a false promotion again. Wintergreen thwarts Major Major’s false promotions and/ or demotions. Wintergreen believes that everyone should work their way up instead of a computer glitch. This is one of the only times that Heller writes about injustice but, then writes about how justice solved the issue. Go back to the prisoners in the jail. Police officers have finally found the real culprits and set the falsely accused free. The families of the falsely accused are relieved that they have finally gotten justice, and that they finally get to see their family again. There are many themes in the novel Catch 22, but the major theme is justice and injustice.

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A Year in Provence Review Essay Example

A Year in Provence Review Paper Essay on A Year in Provence Peter Mayle book France. A Year in Provence, Send me the time. Such an easy, pleasant reading just for the summer holidays! The book describes the measured life of the French countryside. A feeling that to you from Provence arrived friends and share their impressions of a very different life. Where there is no stuffy offices, skyscrapers and urban bustle. And there are vineyards, funny provincial adventure game of boules, goat races, funny neighbors and has a lot of interesting The main characters -. Couple (as we know from the story in years) from England, who has decided to move in the most southern French province. It is amazing the people who are charged by optimism, energy. It seems they do not know what the monotony, dullness, boredom. Agree, it is not given to everyone! Thats the simple pleasures of rural life which is really interesting and exciting. Especially for these people, as the main characters, who know how to enjoy every day and every time discovering something new. I think in many ways with these people should take an example. By the way, the book is based on real events. Peter Mayle and his wife bought a house in Provence and began a new life in it. We will write a custom essay sample on A Year in Provence Review specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on A Year in Provence Review specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on A Year in Provence Review specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer Many thanks to the author for having shared his impressions. After the book was wonderful !!! As the Sunday Times writes: Elegant, witty, delightful, well-written work. More precise definitions and do not pick up! You plunge into the atmosphere of a happy village life. And the very immediately want to escape from the city and buy a house in Provence! In addition, by reading this book, you learn a lot about France. It turns out the French great gourmets! Eating them is one of the most important rituals. The meal is very important It was amusing to read the description and protracted for a year of repair. It seems that it can be boring. But no! Peter Mayle perfectly able to describe the work at home In general, the book was a success! It gives you a charge of optimism and fun! Interesting facts The Englishman Peter Mayle has devoted 15 years of his life working in the advertising business. Love in the south of France, Peter Mayle wrote a kind of apology for Provence in the novels, art guidebooks and encyclopedias Hotel Pastis (1993), Always Provence (2000), another year in Provence (2000), Long live the holiday! (2001), more Provence (2002), Provence a to the Z (2006). in 2006, based on the novel a year in Provence Hollywood director Ridley Scott directed the film a Good year with Russell Crowe the title role. P.S I went to the bookstore to buy Another Year in Provence and Provence forever » THANK YOU !!! A Year in Provence Review Essay Example A Year in Provence Review Paper Essay on A Year in Provence I read and chat still drooling. The most ironic that the reading at work, and this doubly have wanted. Noodles in tomato sauce, juicy slices of roast pork, red wine, truffles, half-meter baguette, cheeses, salads Bon Appà ©tit! The book should be read for those who want to relax. Stay a little romantic and live one year in Provence together with the author. Get to know the local people, learn to ignore time, become gourmets even for a night. And when you return, would think that an evening like how little. Provence with its great food, crazy tourists, cute or funny traditions sinks into the soul. novel chapter is divided into months. Twelve chapters, two hundred and ninety pages of fun reading the evening. The French eternal drinkers, still with their vineyards! French gourmets. They are a little selfish, liars, lazy But they are hospitable, good hosts, good friends. They are people just like everyone else, only to live in France We will write a custom essay sample on A Year in Provence Review specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on A Year in Provence Review specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on A Year in Provence Review specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer For those who think that the whole book consists of hiking from one restaurant to another: You are wrong!. All daily life Englishman in France, without any prejudice, with a sense of humor. All of the air temperature, repair, prolonged for a year, the harvest, to hunt pigs, parties, games boules. Let the sum of all of these thoughts, similar to a bunch of vine. I liked the book, Meili grateful that visited at least every other book in Provence. I myself live as a writer could not, therefore, had the pleasure of reading!